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Blends and formulations of pure, natural essential oils for general health and
wellness,beauty care, treatment and cure of diseases.

Life with Aroma

Our Aromatherapist

Our Aromatherapist, Dr. Anaamika

Meet our Aromatherapist, who happens to be a Doctor too!

Life with Aroma is managed and run by Dr. Anaamika Shukla. Dr. Shukla has keen interest and experience in the field of Aromatherapy. It is inspiring to know how she entered the world of Aromatherapy,  augmented her medical profession and eventually found her way along with the natural herbs, flower extracts and harnessed their healing powers for the benefit of her patients and mankind, in general. Her career history and practical research experiences also indicate that it is indeed the medicinal properties of these natural extracts which is also proven by the experts all over the world.

A Qualified Doctor

Dr. Anaamika Shukla is now a MBBS doctor and an Aromatherapist. She did her graduation in medical sciences (MBBS) from GSVM Medical College, Kanpur which is one of the prestigious medical institutions in India. She began practising her medical profession as a young graduate doctor.

Rendezvous with Essential Oils

She got married in a family having long time business of aroma products i.e. distillation and extraction of natural essential oils, oleoresins, flavours and fragrances. Thus she got introduced to the world of fragrance and natural oils and flower extracts. She was still practising as a doctor at a leading hospital in the city. Being herself a qualified doctor, her curious mind wonderd if these products could be used for healing or curing of certain ailments. She began investigating the healing touch provided by these wonderful products of mother nature and to her surprise she got favourable results. She began taking a keen interest in the family business supported by her acumen of a curious doctor. She experienced the power of these essential oils in vast variety of natural oils library of our business.

A Qualified Aromatherapist

After realizing and having witnessed the healing and therapeutic effects of some essential oils like Sandalwood, Lemon, Lavender, Chamomile, Anise, Basil etc,  she got determined to acquire an in depth and formal knowledge about the therapeutic properties of these oil. Tehreafter she did an additional graduation course in Aromatherapy from NAHA affliated institute, The West Coast Institute Of Aromathearpy Delta, BC, Canada and formally  became a qualified  Aromatherapist . Since then she has been practicing as an Aromatherapist and has cured several of her patients with these natural medicines.

Professional NAHA Member

Dr. Ananmika is a Professional Member of National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, NAHA - an International Organization of Aromatherapy

Life with Aroma is a business started under the direct guidance of Dr. Anaamika and strives to provide the best and most effective blends, using the in depth knowledge and experience acquired by her during he career span. Since this business is supported by the practical and theoretical knowledge of the domain, we are confident of proving our motto

Treating You, Naturally!

Why Life With Aroma

Go through the cosmetic history and you will find the use of essential oils. Essential oil blends enhance your internal beauty. The blends leave a golden luster on the skin which no other substance can give and used regularly they give the skin a shine which reflects the light and makes heads turn. They not only tone your skin but give it a glow and a feeling of greatness together with aroma that appeals your nose. These are free from the chemicals used in commercial cosmetic preparations. Skin that is treated with these blends becomes more dynamic & stronger .These also help eliminate toxin debris that has accumulated inside the body by improving the lymphatic flow and general condition of lymph glands. As bactericides they neutralize the unwanted unfriendly bacteria preventing blemished condition and being anti inflammatory they calm sensitive and damaged skin. Some of the blends have essential oils which contain phyto hormones thereby creating an equilibrium within our endocrine system. This quality makes them unequal to any other substances.


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